CARMIM – Cooperativa Agrícola de Reguengos de Monsaraz – was created in 1971 by a group of 60 wine-growers aiming to produce and sell wine from the grapes from the region. Presently, CARMIM has approximately 800 members with more 3,000 hectares of vineyard.

A game of senses that becomes stronger in Alentejo. It encompasses traditions as old as the city walls which protect Monsaraz. In the middle of the blue and white houses stands the Torre de Menagem (castle keep). From the summit, the locals have always seen the plains as their greatest wealth. The vineyards grow there, surrounding the medieval village that made them famous. And it’s because of the wine that more and more people are increasingly fascinated by the region and set out to discover it. In this land of Kings nectars worthy of emperors are produced every year.

CARMIM’s wines have been awarded with more than 600 awards in various national and international competitions.

“Terra D’El Rei” was the old name of Reguengos, by which it used to be known. Taking into consideration that is produced in Alentejo, between Reguengos and Monsaraz, a land that was part of the Portuguese crown, this wine is a tribute to those origins.