Clark Foyster Wines Ltd Corporate Responsibility

We take our responsibilities as corporate citizens seriously. We aim to uphold the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

We are members of SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, which is a not for profit membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. As members we undertake regular and detailed self-audit covering all aspects of our own organisation and our supply chain and we ensure that we keep ourselves informed about our responsibilities as good corporate citizens. We have made personal visits to almost every winery which we work with and we work only with companies whose philosophy aligns with our own.  Our Supplier Code of Conduct includes specific reference to employment policies and forced labour and requires our suppliers to commit to proper ethical standards.

We look after our team members and value their efforts as essential to our continued business success.  We invest in formal training (WSTA courses) and informal training with tastings, supplier visits and contact with winemakers.

We ensure that we treat our suppliers with courtesy and respect.  We aim to be fair and honest in all dealings with our business partners and to pay promptly according to agreed terms. We seek long term trading relationships.

As suppliers of alcohol we trade responsibly. Our team includes two personal licence holders who have been through appropriate training on the supply of alcohol.  We recognise the importance of responsible drinking. We have been approved by HMRC  in the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme. In order to obtain registration we have undergone a compliance review by HMRC to confirm that we are responsible suppliers who exercise proper due diligence over all aspects of our supply chain.

We support our local community.  We offer free or discounted stock for local charity events, such as parents’ groups, schools and charity.

We receive young people as interns to give them exposure to a small business and to shadow our staff in order to learn about our operations.

We take seriously our fiscal obligations. We ensure that we meet our full taxation liabilities and we pay all duties and taxes on time and in full.