For the first time since 2015, we organised an extensive trip for 17 of our top customers to visit our wine suppliers across the Danube region and Burgenland in Austria. Our trip was very intensive, educational and inspiring. We had wonderful weather throughout and saw the first grapes from 2023 coming into the cellars. We visited all 12 of our growers, tasted with them all, saw their vineyards and wineries, and in some cases joined them for lunch and dinner.

We were always up against the clock – inevitable, with such a busy schedule – but we got round everywhere, and made it home safely.

This is the first trip of its kind we have organised for several years. But from the feedback this time, added to responses from earlier trips, we are convinced that this is the best possible way of cementing the conviction that Austrian wine is something of enormous value to our very special, but competitive UK wine market.

I am sure we have delivered another 17 dedicated ambassadors for Austrian wine.