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Mac will be over with us for a few days in June.

We didn’t participate this year at the Australia Day tastings, so I thought we’d give him his own platform to show his whole range. Including all the EB (Experimental Batch) bottlings, and some new bottlings he will bring over when he comes. This will make quite a wide range.

If you don’t know Mac or his wines, he is a small producer in Yarra Valley. He began in 2005, and we have worked together since this very first vintage. He was a pioneer in his region at championing and promoting the diversity of the different Yarra Valley sub-regions and he has been at the forefront, in the Yarra Valley of the move towards fresher and lighter styles. He is meticulous in the vineyards, and he follows many organic and biodynamic principles. He does not irrigate. He picks earlier than most, looking for brightness and energy ahead of ripeness and weight. Many of his wines have low alcohol levels (12% and sometimes below) but with unusual intensity and energy.

Of all our suppliers, he is one of the very best communicators of what he does and why he does it. But his easy-going, utterly charming and approachable character co-exists with a totally uncompromising approach towards quality and the way he achieves his aims.

He has been a very true friend to all of us here at Clark Foyster Wines over almost 20 years.

We have arranged space upstairs at the famous Wilton’s Music Hall in E1, just behind St Katharine Docks.

We will be running from 10:30am till 4pm.