The Weingut Felsner Story

The Felsner family estate is situated in the village of Rohrendorf at the Eastern end of the Kremstal, where loess soil predominates. This is a unique, wind-blown, fine silty clay which is light and absorbs heat and moisture well; it is particularly suited to the Grüner Veltliners which Manfred Felsner produces. The vineyards also extend to conglomerate rock, which is planted with Riesling. Manfred’s careful vineyard work has been concentrated into recultivating the steep slopes and old vines. His philosophy is to use minimal intervention in the vineyard and winery in order to preserve the authenticity of the terroir in the wines he produces. There is a high proportion of old vines on the estate, dating back a couple of generations, and this brings depth and complexity to the wines.

Weingut Felsner Wines

The wines are clean and elegant, with the typical crisp varietal character of the Kremstal coupled with the weight contributed by the old vines. The cool Reisenthal vineyard high up on the plateau gives the wine ripeness yet salty freshness.


Description Year
Gerlissen, Grüner Veltliner 2018
Reisenthal, Neuburger 2017