The Schuchmann Story

Burkhard Schuchmann, a German transport engineer, and former chairman of German railways bought and developed Schuchmann Wines in 2008. Gogi Dakishvili’s involvement here as winemaking consultant provides the common link to Clark Foyster’s other Georgian wines.  We already buy Gogi’s wines (Orgo) and those of his son Temuri (Vita Vinea) and Gogi is also employed as a winemaking consultant to Schuchman.

Schuchmann explained to us on the MW visit in 2015 how he had fallen in love with Georgia and its wines, and wanted to develop what he sees as enormous potential of the region.  But there is an extra philanthropic dimension to his investment, which aims for sustainable agriculture, ecological conservation and has led to the creation of winemaking scholarships, and the building of a hotel and restaurant complex to bring in visitors.

Schuchmann Wines

The Saperavi shows the intense colour of the grape (which is a ‘teinturier’ – red-skinned variety) with rich intense full-flavours and structure. Unlike our other ‘qvevri’; wines, this is made in the conventional modern way. It is fermented in stainless steel and then briefly oak aged.


Description Year
Saperavi red 2021