The Foundi Story

Nikolaos Foundi began this small winery as a hobby in 1992 while serving as president of the Naoussa co-op, which he founded himself in 1982. But the family first planted vines here in the 1930s, shortly after their resettlement here from Eastern Thrace as a result of the Balkan Wars. They now have 5 hectares, and produce six different wines and two red Naoussa wines from Xinomavro. The style here is old-fashioned, in the best sense of the word, and the wines age very slowly. A 1996 Nikolaos opened for us in 2015 was in beautiful condition. Nikolaos is clearly a senior figure in the Naoussa wine community: modest, but highly respected. He is pretty-well retired now, and his daughter Georgia and son-in-law run the operation.

Foundi Wines

“Naoussaia” comes from Xinomavro grapes from three different vineyards that are mostly a sandy loam and limestone. It spends 4 weeks on the skins before pressing and going into barrel – French oak – for a year. Some liken the grape to Nebbiolo, which is fair, and the grape has firm but very fine tannins, not too much colour, and perfumed notes of tea, spice and sometimes tomato paste. This is a traditional style.

Georgia has raided the estate’s wine library to offer us a small selection of mature vintages. When I visited the Naoussa wine festival three years ago, some of her wines featured in a tasting of old vintages and all looked in wonderful shape with great complexity. Here is another reason why Xinomavro is sometimes compared with Nebbiolo; the great wines are capable of ageing for twenty years – and sometimes much longer.


Description Year Tech Sheet
Domaine Foundi Naoussaia 2017
Domaine Foundi Naoussaia 2016
Domaine Foundi Naoussaia 2001
Foundi Estate Xinomavro 2018
Foundi Estate Xinomavro 2012
Foundi Estate Xinomavro 2007
Foundi Estate Xinomavro 2005
Foundi Estate Xinomavro 1997