The Familie Prieler Story

Georg Prieler, aided in the vineyards by his sort-of-retired father Engelbert, is in charge now. They are a long and well-established family, and at any visit, tasting or conversation there is a clear sense that they have found “their” style and know exactly what to do. That’s not at all to say they rest on their laurels, despite being enormously successful in Austria, and Georg is well-travelled with a strong enthusiasm to learn and experiment. The vineyards are situated on the Western side of Lake Neusiedl, and lie mostly on sun-exposed Southern and Eastern slopes. The lake provides a perfect micro-climate with mild temperatures throughout the year. The flagship wine is the Blaufränkisch from the Goldberg vineyard which is highly reputed as one of the top red wines in Austria. Challenging Goldberg however is Leithaberg. Like Goldberg it is 100% Blaufränkisch, but it uses no new oak, so is perhaps more in tune with the style of our times. Its name is shared, of course by the new DAC Leithaberg. This is named after the Leitha hills, where slate and marine limestone dominate, giving a very fresh, almost chalky note to the wines and a tightly woven structure. 

Familie Prieler Wines

Although the estate is known particularly for the reds, we also ship the very classy Pinot Blanc Seeberg, which is an elegant and juicy alternative to the Grüners and Rieslings for which Austria is better known. We have also extended the range this year to include the Leithaberg white wine – also made from Pinot Blanc – but with an extra year on lees in barrel, and with intense and complex notes rarely associated with Pinot Blanc. A great white Burgundy alternative.


Description Year
ORGA Pinot Blanc, Seeberg 2020
ORGA Pinot Blanc, Seeberg 2019
ORGA Leithaberg, Pinot Blanc 2019


Description Year
ORGA Ried Johanneshöhe, Blaufränkisch 2018
ORGA Leithaberg, Blaufränkisch 2018
Ried Marienthal, Blaufränkisch 2017
Ried Goldberg, Blaufränkisch 2015

Large format bottles

Description Year
Ried Goldberg, Blaufränkisch 2011
Ried Goldberg, Blaufränkisch 2009
Ried Goldberg, Blaufränkisch 2007
Ried Goldberg, Blaufränkisch 2005