The Estate Strofilia Story

An attractive pair of Peloponnese wines from Strofilia (=wine press). Strofilia began life as a small wine producer in Attica in the mid-1980s and the company used the same name when it opened Athens’ first wine bar. Today the company makes a range of wines from Northern Greece, Attica and the Peloponnese. Both wines below are produced in Asprokambos, at 800m above sea level in the Nemea region.

Watch a short video presentation (April 2020):

Estate Strofilia Wines

This is the source of the red wine: ‘August Red’ which comes entirely from the Agiorgitiko variety (St George), one of Greece’s two best known red varietals, and the style is a deep-coloured purple, with a supple, fruity, modern appeal. The wine has a relatively short maceration and is not oaked, making it a popular choice for many customers with its friendly tannins and fruity appeal. The white wine, named ‘August White’ follows another classic Peloponnese style, and uses the Moschofilero grape of Mantineia. It’s cool-fermented to accentuate the aromatic quality of the Moschofilero (blended here with 20% Malagouzia) and bone dry, with a lively acidity. The two wines are attractively presented, with screw caps, and strike that sometimes elusive balance between being true to their region and terroir, but having a modern, attractive style and presentation.


Description Year
August White, Peloponnese 2022
Savvatiano 2021


Description Year
August Red, Agiogirtiko Peloponnese 2021