Project Description

The Domaine Sophie Cinier Story

Sophie’s tiny estate produced its first wines only in 2000, though on her mother’s side the family has lived in Fuissé and been involved in wine production since at least the time of her grandfather. Vines he planted in 1941 came back under Sophie’s control when she returned in 1998, and there is a lovely range of different styles from this tiny domaine. The vineyard area has recently expanded to a massive four hectares (just under). She bought a new vineyard of 1.2 hectares in Igé, 10 miles north of her home in Fuissé. It’s planted with a hectare of Chardonnay for two new wines, a Bourgogne Blanc and a Mâcon Villages Le Clos, and 0.2 ha is planted to pinot noir. In addition to the grapes supplied by her own vineyards there are a few wines which come from purchased grapes. So her St Véran A la Côte is technically a negociant wine. Unlike large parts of the Mâconnais where machine harvesting is the norm, Sophie’s vineyard work is entirely manual, and she does not own a tractor, apart from the old one, rusting in her yard. But these extra vines need more hands in the vineyards, so her partner, Alain, has joined the business payroll. The plan is to turn the vineyards fully organic.

2018 brought Sophie her first opportunity to try her hand at red wine making, something she has long dreamed of. So we have a few bottles of this first vintage to offer in both colours.  All her “Mâcon” wines are unoaked, and the others are all barrel-fermented (St Véran, Viré-Clessé, Pouilly-Fuissé, Pouilly Vinzelles). Oak ageing uses only a tiny proportion of new barrels, and there is no lees stirring, and none of the fashionable reductive sulphide aromas so much in vogue. The wines look rich but pure and tense.
Sophie is not one for exaggeration, but described 2018 to me as ‘great’. (And this is while she still had the 2017s to sell!) Actually I’m not sure if the wines are much better than her beautiful 2017s, but there is a good quantity of ripe wine, full-flavoured, but with an exciting and bracing acidity. (LF 4/20)

Watch a video of Sophie and Alain working in a Mâcon Fuissé vineyard:

Domaine Sophie Cinier Wines

The two Mâcon wines are tank fermented and aged, though a small oak element will be integrated into these from 2013. The St Véran and the two Pouilly Fuissés are 100% barrel-fermented (virtually no new oak), with a slow malolactic, no lees stirring and no manipulation. There is a seductive softness to these wines and some real richness in the Pouilly Fuissés.


Code Description Year
CIMLC18B Mâcon Le Clos 2018
CIPOF18H Pouilly Fuissé Classic Half 2018
CIPOC18H Pouilly Fuissé Collection Half 2018
CISTV18B St Véran à la Côte 2018
CISTV17B St Véran 2017
CIPOF17B Pouilly Fuissé Classic 2017
CIPOF17M Pouilly Fuissé Classic Magnum 2017
CIPOC17B Pouilly Fuissé Collection 2017
CIPOC17M Pouilly Fuissé Collection Magnum 2017
CIPVL17B Pouilly-Vinzelles, Les Longeays 2017
CIPVL17M Pouilly-Vinzelles, Les Longeays Magnum 2017
CIPVC17M Pouilly Fuissé, Vers Crâs Magnum 2017
CISTV16B St Véran 2016
CIPOF16B Pouilly Fuissé Classic 2016
CIPOF16M Pouilly Fuissé Classic Magnum 2016
CIPOC16M Pouilly Fuissé Collection Magnum 2016
CIPVL16B Pouilly-Vinzelles, Les Longeays 2016
CIPVL16M Pouilly-Vinzelles, Les Longeays Magnum 2016
CIPVC16M Pouilly Fuissé, Vers Crâs Magnum 2016
CIVCL15B Viré Clessé 2015
CIPOC15B Pouilly Fuissé Collection 2015
CISTV11B St Véran, A la Côte 2011