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The Domaine Gaston & Pierre Ravaut Story

2018 is already our fifth vintage working with Vincent and his wife Céline. Vincent represents the sixth generation of a domaine which has been bottling wine since the 1920s. This is really noteworthy. The domaine straddles the fault line between Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune, with most wines in the southern zone. It is another example of an estate producing wines of great value, relative to the region. The estate is a little smaller than when we began as Vincent and his brother Pierre have divided the estate between them and now work two separate domaines. Vincent’s father Gaston is still a presence around the estate, but with typical Burgundian complexity, it still retains the original name of Gaston et Pierre, rather than Vincent who is now in sole control.

There are several Parcels in the Ladoix Appellation, at both village and Premier Cru level, as well as Aloxe-Corton and two Grand Crus: Corton Bressandes and Corton Les Hautes Mourottes. The reds here are the main focus, but they make a lovely Corton Charlemagne and other Ladoix whites which make up about 25% of their production. (LF 4/20)

Watch a video of Vincent Ravaut in his Corton vineyards (In French with English subtitles; the subtitles option in YouTube needs to be turned on):

Domaine Gaston & Pierre Ravaut Wines

Some white is made, including a very little Corton-Charlemagne from the Hautes Mourottes lieu-dit, but the estate focused largely on reds. There is a wide range of wine styles here from such a wide variety of terroirs that it is difficult to generalise about the style of the domaine. The Ladoix wines are generally slightly earlier-maturing styles, with a prominent ripe red fruit note, charming perfume, but lively acidity, at least in 2014. The Aloxe-Corton and Corton wines, just to the south of Ladoix, are heftier, more structured and powerful and generally require more time in bottle. The AC 1er Cru is a blend of Valozières, Vercots and Fournières and has terrific concentration and complexity. The Corton Bressandes should need to introduction as one of the specific lieu-dits of the only Grand Cru in the Côte de Beaune.

Fruit is totally de-stemmed and fermentation takes place in concrete followed by a minimum of 12 months in barrel using a low proportion of about 15% to 20% new oak. Part of the oak is supplied by that well-known tonnellerie Rémond, who are based in Ladoix. Very attractive pricing here, especially for the Premiers and Grands Crus.


Code Description Year
DRLBB16B Ladoix, Les Hautes Mourottes 2016


Code Description Year
DRLAD17B Ladoix 2017
DRLCO17B Ladoix 1er Cru La Corvée 2017
DRLBM17B Ladoix 1er Cru Les Basses Mourottes 2017
DRACO17B Aloxe Corton 2017
DRACP17B Aloxe Corton 1er Cru 2017
DRCBR17B Corton Bressandes, Grand Cru 2017
DRCDN16B Côtes de Nuits Villages 2016
DRLBR16B Ladoix 1er Cru Le Bois Roussot 2016
DRACP16B Aloxe Corton 1er Cru 2016
DRCBR16B Corton Bressandes, Grand Cru 2016
DRLBR15B Ladoix 1er Cru Le Bois Roussot 2015
DRCBR15B Corton Bressandes, Grand Cru 2015
DRACP14B Aloxe Corton 1er Cru 2014
DRCBR14B Corton Bressandes, Grand Cru 2014
DRCHM05B Corton Hautes-Mourottes Grand Cru 2005
DRCHM97B Corton Hautes-Mourottes Grand Cru 1997