The Domaine Edouard Confuron Story

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How exciting to have a new domaine to offer this year! Edouard made a few wines in 2021, but this is the first year he has offered us some to sell. We’ve been waiting keenly to see what he would come up with. This is his own domaine, coming entirely from vineyards he either owns or has rented. One or two have moved across from his parents’ domaine. He is making them in the old cellar, which belonged to his grandfather at the bottom of the village. It’s a cramped and ramshackle place, where until 2020 they used to vinify the family domaine’s wines, but he’s made six excellent red wines: Coteaux Bourguignon (50% Gamay) and Bourgogne Rouge, which together make up about half of his total. And then a few barrels of four single vineyards in Nuits, Aux Allots, Gevrey, Les Seuvrées, and two really good and contrasting Vosne wines: charming and delicious, Le Pré de la Folie and the more serious, Hautes Maizières, which he refers to as ‘my grand cru’. From such a small domaine we have an unsurprisingly tiny allocation, but it’s a start, and the wines are a real credit to him.

Domaine Edouard Confuron Wines

He picked a couple of days earlier than at the family domaine. We know how keen he is on whole bunch fermentations. So, most of the wines retained about 50% of their stems. SO2 additions are very low, and he works the must less hard, concentrating more on infusion, he says, than extraction. Time on the skins is also closer to two weeks compared to the three or more at the family domaine.

The overall result is a range of really charming, flattering wines. They are more gentle than the wines he makes with his father and will be accessible for earlier drinking than those from the family domaine. He is working organically.