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We proudly represent Mac Forbes from Melbourne and Fraser Gallop Estate from Margaret River.

Yarra Valley

Mac and I have been discussing the idea of a wine map of the Yarra  Valley for a while. On our very first meeting he explained his interest in creating a series of small volume single vineyard pinots to explore and shed light on what he calls "Yarra sub-regionality"

The attached map is his first published version. It's not perfect, and  could be clearer. But it is a start, and any region serious enough to claim differences from one part to another ought to have something like this.  The largest distinction, and one which Mac talks about a lot is the difference between Upper and Lower Yarra. Mac firmly believes that his Upper Yarra Vineyards (to the right of the map - Woori Yallock, Hoddles Creek, Wesburn) are the areas which in the medium term will produce the best pinot noir, for being cooler, higher, south facing, and , because of all this, able to be dry farmed. The coloured blocks don't show which parts are planted and which not. It's simply showing local political commune boundaries from one village to the next. On a subsequent version I think contours could be clearer too.

But as we begin to import more of the single vineyard Pinots which Mac produces, I think this map is very helpful for giving an idea of the provenance of them. Any comments, ideas for improvement of subsequent editions will be gratefully received here.

Here is the detailed chart of each vineyard:

Vineyard Grape Variety




Elevation (metres)




General Soil
Dixons Creek Pinot Noir 0.4/1.0 80 gentle east to neutral 750 mottled duplex grey silty loam
Yarra Glen Pinot Noir 0.8/2.0 112-140 east 558 shallow silty grey/brown loam overlying granite
Coldstream Pinot Noir 0.8/2.0 85-126 west 697 duplex yellow brown loam/grey silty loam
Gruyere Pinot Noir 0.55/1.4 108-120 north 702 duplex yellow - grey brown loam, with concretions of mudstones

Syrah 0.55/1.4


Cabernet Sauvignon 0.7/1.7  

Merlot 0.15/0.4


Malbec 0.05/0.1

Petit Verdot 0.04/0.1

Cabernet Franc 0.07/0.2

Woori Yallock Pinot Noir 1.36/3.4 100-145


south west

880 yellowish to grey gradational silty clay loam overlying clay

Chardonnay 1.21/3.0

Hoddles Creek Chardonnay 1.4/1.0 170 north 900 deep red friable, gradational
Westburn Pinot Noir 0.56/1.4 150-170 east-north east 1200 duplex yellow brown loam to grey silty loam overlying clay

* rainfall data estimated based on position and nearby stations

Click here to see a detailed map of the Yara Valley.

Margaret River

Click here to see a detailed map of the Yara Valley.

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