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Adega de Monção, Vinho Verde:

This co-operative is based in the far North of Portugal near the Spanish border. The region and the winery are fast gaining an increasingly high reputation for quality and innovative whites based on Alvarinho. This is a model operation, which recently celebrated its 50th birthday. In fact it is responsible for the vinification of the vast majority of the fruit grown in the region. We began working together eight years ago and sales have developed each year and the wines now have a loyal following. The wine "Adega de Monção" is a blend of Alvarinho and Trajadura. There is a small amount of CO2 in the wine, and it has a ripe, aromatic nose but it is bone dry on the palate and finishes very clean. The wines from this northerly sub-region are generally considered to be a little more ripe and complex than the classic Vinho Verde style. The wine is relatively and fashionably low in alcohol. 


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
AMADM18B Adega de Monção, Vinho Verde Escolha 2018
AMALV18B Adega de Monção, Alvarinho 2018
AMDLD16B Deu La Deu, Alvarinho 2016

Anselmo Mendes, Vinho Verde:

This is the heartland of the great Alvarinho grape, and in Anselmo Mendes, Portugal has a champion to take on the best producers in Spanish Galicia, visible just over the river from Anselmo's house and vineyards. Anselmo Mendes is a big name on the Portuguese wine scene due to his high profile consultancies, but his overriding passion is for the region of his birth and since 1998 he has been the leading light in Vinho Verde showing not just Portugal but the wider wine world beyond just how good the wines from his home region can be. His first wine was Muros de Melgaço which is presented in a peculiar conical shaped bottle which now all in Portugal recognise. All the wines come under the appellation of Vinho Verde. These wines are not just light, refreshing summer wines, some of them are low yield, concentrated and serious wines, with complexity and depth of flavour, during a recent tasting we were also stunned to see just how well all the wines age.

Muros Antigos Loureiro from Vale de Lima with a mandarin, citrus, floral nose and dry linear palate.

Alvarinho Contacto. The name refers to the 12 hours of skin contact before the grapes are pressed, something which Anselmo had been studying for a number of years. The current vintage looks great, tight and intense on the palate with a real depth of flavour and length.

Muros Antigos Alvarinho comes from the hillside vineyards on poor sandy soils and stays 4 months on the lees with batonnage. Here we find the viscosity, intensity and generosity of the Alvarinho, well balanced by crisp acidity.

Muros de Melgaço Alvarinho is harvested from granitic soils and fermented in old oak with a small percentage of new oak used, the wines is then further aged in barrel for 6 months on lees. It is a richer, riper, more concentrated style, orange, grapefruit and spicy flavours but taut and persistent.

Curtimenta Alvarinho fermented on the skins for 48 hours and aged in 400 litre old oak barrels for 9 months. The grapes chosen for this wine are the ones with higher sugar and acid levels. This is an Alvarinho with both the depth and structure to age but equally the roundness and elegance to be served young.

Vinhão a bottle of elegant red fun, light but soft and juicy. We all love this in the office, a wonderfully different and sappy red.


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
MELOU18B Muros Antigos Loureiro 2018
MECON18B Contacto Alvarinho  2018
MEAMA18B Muros Antigos Alvarinho 2018
MEAMM17B Muros de Melgaço Alvarinho 2017
MECUR16B Curtimenta Alvarinho 2016

MEVIN18B Vinhão, Vinho Verde Tinto 2018

Quinta das Tecedeiras, Douro

This estate is brilliantly located along the river about 25 minutes by boat upstream from Pinhão. The vineyards are all "A" grade and a large part are 95 years old. It has been in Francisco Passos' family for several generations and used to contribute a large proportion of the fruit used by Taylor's for their vintage ports. Since 2001, Carlos Lucas has been responsible for the winemaking and we did actually sell the wine a few years back. Carlos is still wine maker here, but the vineyard has been taken over by Englishman Tony Smith and his Brazilian business partner Marcelo Lima. The prime focus of the estate continues with table wines, but small quantities of two exceptional ports have also been produced, and we welcome these wines to our list; the first Ports to feature on a Clark Foyster portfolio.

Flor das Tecedeiras is a briefly oak aged red, made primarily from a ten year old vineyard planted low down by the river. It's a fairly classic spicy, peppery Douro red.

The Quinta das Tecedeiras Reserve comes from the old vineyards on the estate and spends 18 months in barrique. It's an elegant and very classy wine with a fine ageing potential. It puts a clear perspective on the Douro's ambitions to create world-class table wines.

The Tawny Port is a Douro matured blend of vintages from 2001 to 2008. It's slightly madeirised in a delicious, tangy and not too sweet way.


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
QTFDT16B Flor das Tecedeiras, Douro 2016
QTRES16B Reserva, Douro 2016
QTRES14B Reserva, Douro 2014

QTTAWNVB Port, Tawny reserve NV
QTLBV14B LBV Port 2014
QTVIN16B Vintage Port 2016

Barão de Vilar, Douro:


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
BV10WNVF Palmer 10 Years White Port  NV 50 cl 127.20
BVLBV13B Palmer LBV  2013 75 cl 127.80
BV10TNVB Palmer 10 Years Tawny  NV 75 cl 141.90
BVCOL09F Palmer Colheita 2009 50 cl 124.40
BVCOL90F Palmer Colheita 1990 50 cl 310.40

Magnum Vinhos
, Dão, Alentejo:

Carlos Lucas was a co-founder of Dão Sul back in 1990. He oversaw its growth over 20+ years to become one of Portugal's most successful wine companies, both on domestic and export markets. In 2012 he left to create his own new company, Magnum Vinhos. Lucia Freitas and Carlos Rodrigues, two of his colleagues at Dão Sul, have remained with him, and are looking after various winemaking projects in Douro, Alentejo and Dão and are enjoying the opportunity to return to basics and to winemaking on a smaller scale. They have completed a new, contemporary winery, which overlooks Carlos' own 6 hectare Ribeiro Santo estate, and which was completed in time for the 2014 vintage. It is this estate that is the main focus of the company at present - with a delightful, lively white and three elegant reds: the regular Ribeiro Santo , Reserva, and a quite remarkable new addition: the top wine called Grande Escolha.

There is a pair of excellent value white & red:

Flor de Maio (Poppy) is from a new property in Northern Alentejo. Both red and white are well-packaged and inexpensive.


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
CLFMB17B Flor de Maio Branco, Alentejo 2017
CLRSB18B Ribeiro Santo Branco, Dão 2018
CLENC15B Ribeiro Santo Encruzado, Dão 2015
CLAUB16B Ribeiro Santo Automatico Branco, Dão 2016

CLFDM16B Flor de Maio Tinto, Alentejo 2016
CLJAR15B Jardim da Estrela, Dão 2015
CLQRS17B Ribeiro Santo, Dão 2017
CLRES16B Ribeiro Santo Reserva, Dão 2016
CLRES13B Ribeiro Santo Reserva, Dão 2013
CLRSE10B Ribeiro Santo Grande Escolha, Dão 2010

Filipa Pato, Beiras

We're still waiting for the final completion of Filipa's new house and winery - actually a converted and renovated old house in the village of Ois do Bairro, next door to her parents. But the finishing touches are being made, and we look forward to an invitation in the Autumn. Her husband William's award-winning restaurant in Antwerp, "Pazzo", was sold last year and is now thriving under its new ownership. So Filipa and William and their two young boys are now freed from the demanding commute between Bairrada and Belgium. It is no surprise to find Filipa involved in wine, having been immersed, from an early age, in the vinous activity of her well-known father, Luis. After her studies in chemistry, she travelled and gained wine-making experience in Bordeaux then in Argentina and Australia. When she returned to Portugal she decided, with her father's encouragement, to set up on her own, rather than join the family business. She has quickly established a reputation as one of the brightest and best of the new young bunch of Portuguese winemakers. Most of her wine is sold to the export market and her wines exemplify the best of Portuguese style  - great pride in its origin and with a modern approach to structure and balance. The range begins with FP Branco (Bical and Arinto) and FP Dinâmica (Baga). Further up the scale is Territorio, oak matured from some of the very old Baga vines Filipa is so proud of. The top two wines are Nossa Branco (Bical) and Nossa Tinto. Both of these, we confidently assert, are amongst the very finest wines coming out of Portugal today. Finally, Filipa makes sparkling wine too. As well as her well-known rosé, this year we have a Blanc de Blancs sparkler. Dry, with a great mousse, but a little aromatic freshness from some Maria Gomes, a distant cousin of the Muscat family. 


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
FPBDBNVB 3B Blanc de Blancs Sparkling  nv
FPEBR18B FP Branco, Bical & Arinto 2018
FPPQB14F Po Quer white 2014 50cl 101.40
FPNOS18B Nossa Calcario Branco 2018
FPNOS18M Nossa Calcario Branco 2018 magnum 340.30
FPNOS17B Nossa Calcario Branco 2017
FPNOS17M Nossa Calcario Branco 2017 magnum 340.30

FPROXNVB Extra Brut Sparkling Rosé nv

FPTIN18B Dinâmica, Baga 2018
FPPOQ17F Post Quercus Baga 2017 50 cl 101.40
FPMIS16B Territorio Tinto 2016
FPNOB17B Nossa Calcario Tinto 2017
FPNOB17M Nossa Calcario Tinto 2017 magnum 430.50
FPNOB16B Nossa Calcario Tinto 2016
FPNOB16M Nossa Calcario Tinto 2016 magnum 430.50
FPNOB15B Nossa Calcario Tinto 2015
FPNOB15M Nossa Calcario Tinto 2015 magnum 430.50
FPNOB11M Nossa Calcario Tinto 2011 magnum 486.90

FPEDB15F Espirito de Baga 2015 50 cl 158.20

Quinta da Lagoalva de Cima, Alpiarça, Ribatejo

The Campilho family has extensive farming interests in the Ribatejo, and wine is just a part of their business. Diogo is increasingly responsible for the agricultural side of the business, and with his colleague Pietro, is concentrating more of on wine production while his father Manuel oversees the rest of the enterprises. Diogo has polished his winemaking skills during various harvest stints in Australia's Hunter Valley and has recently embarked on the Master of Wine course. The result is a range of wines which are recognisably Portuguese, but are very approachable to palates which have not grown up with the sometimes rustic traditional styles. This philosophy is reflected in the presentation of the wines, where many of the labels have been redesigned to give a smart new look. Lagoalva Branco, Rosé and Tinto are a collection of good value well-made wines; the white is much fresher than many Portuguese equivalents, the rosé is fruity and friendly, and the red has a juicy ripeness with a touch of oak spice. The estate also makes, unusually for this area, a pure Alfrocheiro which we have championed since we began working together in 1999. This is a native grape to Dão, but it seems to work well in these sandy soils. The excellent 2011 has just arrived. Last year we also added Lagoalva's Touriga Nacional/Syrah, a 50:50 blend, another example of the fruity and accessible wines that are made so well by the Lagoalva Estate. Sweet berry and floral aromatics, framed by supple, ripe tannins from 10 months ageing in French oak barriques. We also have a very good olive oil from Lagoalva. Round and fruity with a peppery finish, it's cold-pressed and unfiltered, produced from two Tuscan varieties which were planted several generations ago when an Italian bride married into the family. 


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
QLBRA17B Quinta da Lagoalva Branco 2017

QLROS18B Quinta da Lagoalva Rosé 2018

QLLAT18B Quinta da Lagoalva Tinto 2018
QLRES16B Quinta da Lagoalva Reserva 2016
QLTNS12B Quinta da Lagoalva Syrah/Touriga Nacional 2012
QLALF16B Lagoalva de Cima Alfrocheiro 2016
QLALF11B Lagoalva de Cima Alfrocheiro 2011
QLOILNVF Olive Oil- glass 50cl NV

Adega Regional de Colares, Colares:

The Adega Regional occupies an enormous cathedral of a  building - evidence of its glory days in the late 19th Century when Colares was the only flourishing wine region of Portugal, while everywhere else - not just in Portugal - was struggling with the effects of Phylloxera. Times have certainly changed, and there is a melancholy air of a place that knows it has seen more prosperous times. And yet these are classic wines, with authenticity, character and a hugely important history.

Colares is the Westernmost wine region of continental Europe, was demarcated in 1908 and is located between the Sintra mountain and the Atlantic around 25km North of Lisbon. Two local varieties are grown here: Ramisco for the reds and Malvasia de Colares for the whites. Both are planted near the sea in sandy soils similar to beach sand (the reason why the region survived Phylloxera, making Ramisco probably the only Vinifera grape variety never to have been grafted). The vineyards are unique in the wine world, with old vines snaking across the sand, being protected from the coastal winds coming off the Atlantic by bamboo wind shields and apple trees. Although looking wild and unkempt, these vineyards are perfectly maintained to allow the vines to fight the extremes of weather - both heat and wind.

The Adega Regional de Colares plays an important role within the region, bottling 50% of the wine and working with 90% of the growers. The Malvasia is aged for 8 to 10 months in large old exotic wood (Mogno, Kambala). The wine has a waxy nose, with spices and herbal scent. The palate is dry and intense with a rich fleshy texture and long dry finish and just a touch of oxidation.

The Ramisco (dark blue skinned) is aged for 3 years in exotic wood and 1 year in 2 year old French barrique. Dark fruit flavours, tobacco and herbal notes. Structured with high acid levels the wine shows balance, delicacy and persistence. These wines are unique and come from a unique wine region. They are old-fashioned in the best sense of the word. Ramisco has a reputation for being a wine that ages gracefully and we have some old vintages (in very limited quantities) to prove it.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to offer these remarkable historic wines.


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
ACBRA15F Arenae Malvasia de Colares Branco 2015 50 cl 169.80
ACBRA12F Arenae Malvasia de Colares Branco 2012 50 cl 150.10

ACTIN09F Arenae Ramisco Tinto 2009 50 cl 176.20
ACTIN01F Arenae Ramisco Tinto 2001 50 cl 194.10



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