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Domaine Saladin, Côtes du Rhône

The introduction to Domaine Saladin came to us on the strong recommendation of one of our former sommelier customers now running a business in the region. Saladin is situated in the Northern end of the Southern Rhône, at St Marcel d'Ardèche. The family traces its origins as grape growers back to the 15th Centrury; a continuous 21 generations of involvement in viticulture, wine and, more recently, olive oil. The current generation: sisters Elisabeth and Marie-Laurence, began to take over in 2003 from their father Loï and uncle Paul.

The small domaine expanded in 1978 when Louis (Loï)  began to purchase parcels of land, and now the domaine totals 18 hectares. They boast that no systemic herbicides or fungicides or fertilisers have ever touched the soil. This makes for labour-intensive vineyard work. When I visited in April, there were 8 of them clearing the weeds around the vines with picks and hoes. Grenache dominates the vineyard plantings, with Carignan, Cinsault, Mourvedre and Syrah playing minor roles. The white is a true cocktail of half a dozen local varieties.

Vinification and élevage are simple: No great emphasis on extraction, and fermentation in large old oak, lots of concrete tanks, no yeasts or additions apart from sulphur. These are exceptional wines and a great way to introduce the Rhône onto our list. The style is concentrated but light and juicy, without any trace of the heaviness which Grenache can succumb to. There are very few wines from this region which manage this balance so well.


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
SAPEL15B Côtes du Rhône Blanc, Per Èl 2015

SAPAU15B Côtes du Rhône, Paul 2015
SAFDL14B Côtes du Rhône Villages, Fan dé Lune 2014
SACHA14B Chaveyron 1422 2014

Coume del Mas, Collioure :

Philippe and Nathalie Gard own this lovely boutique estate. They live in pretty Banyuls in a small house on top of one of the hills, from where the magnificent hills and valleys of this beautiful region are easily visible. Philippe was joined by winemaker Andy Cook a few years ago and the estate is going from strength to strength with a highly sought-after production which sells out every year. The vines are situated on a large number of small parcels dotted throughout the region. Some are on the high terraces overlooking the sea, where its cooling influence is important; others are further inland. The vines are in many cases very old - up to 100 years- and are very low-yielding; the wines are tight and concentrated but without losing their balance. If you are a believer in "minerality" there is plenty of that for you here in all the wines, red and white, even though acidity levels are analytically low. The Schistes wine is made from pure Grenache from vines close to the sea; it is unoaked and bottled straight from tank. Quadratur, the flagship red wine of the domaine, is a blend of Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre, and spends 12 months in oak. La Coume del Mas vineyard, one of the oldest in the domaine, goes into this wine. The dry white Folio Blanc is a powerful, spicy, barrel-fermented Grenache Gris. Then there are the Banyuls wines: Banyuls Blanc, totally non-oxidised in style - like a sweet Folio, Galateo, a lighter, fruity red and then Banyuls Quintessence which is aged in 50% new oak; the result is a powerful impressive deep wine with plenty of fruit and spice. It is ideal with bitter chocolate puddings.


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
CMFOB18B  Folio, Collioure 2018
CMFOB17M  Folio, Collioure 2017 magnum 293.60

CMSCH18B Schistes, Collioure 2018
CMSCH17B Schistes, Collioure 2017
CMSCH10M Schistes, Collioure 2010 magnum 272.70
CMQUA16B Quadratur, Collioure 2016

CMBYB18F Banyuls Blanc 2018 50cl 123.90
CMBYB14F Banyuls Blanc 2014 50cl 120.20
CMBYTNVB Coume del Mas Banyuls Tradition NV 75cl 144.50
CMBYG18F Galateo, Banyuls Rouge 2018 50cl 136.50
CMBYG17F Galateo, Banyuls Rouge 2017 50cl 136.50
CMBYR12F Quintessence, Banyuls Rouge 2011/12 50cl 191.00

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