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Vinibrasil, Lagoa Grande, Brazil

Besides their activities in Portugal, Global Wines (formerly known as Dão Sul) have also invested in a winery in Brazil. The vines are grown in the Sao Francisco Valley in North-Eastern Brazil, just eight degrees South of the equator. At this latitude, vines can grow continuously all year, and aerial photos show a fascinating patchwork with different parcels at various stages of the harvest cycle. The wine is a spicy Cabernet/Shiraz blend, which is bottled in Portugal. Early vintages were irregular as the company learned to deal with totally unknown viticultural conditions, and a workforce largely unfamiliar with what was required to produce modern wine. But the wine has improved considerably and is now a very credible South American red.


Guide Retail Price per case of 6 (£)
VBRIO14B Rio Sol, Cabernet Shiraz


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