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The buying philosophy of our small business is simple. We aim to source wines of quality, integrity, balance and texture. In nearly all cases these are family-run estates, whether recently-founded or long-established. But of equal importance for us is the personal relationships we develop with our suppliers. We are proud to be able to consider many of them as family friends and are working together with them for the long term. Unquestionably this stability gives both parties the best opportunities to develop sales, profiles and the reputation of the wines and the regions. It is crucial for us as importers to feel we share similar goals with our suppliers.


Our Australian portfolio is small, and might never have existed but for a serendipitous meeting with Mac Forbes on his way back to his native Yarra Valley after some consultancy work in Austria. We have an unashamed Europhile palate here at CF Wines, and have no intentions of covering mainstream Australia. But these wines - and any others we may add - have to fit our buying brief: cool, elegant, restrained, and refreshing. What is more, they show at a single stroke, how poor is our understanding of Australian wine as a monolithic structure dominated by 10 producers. The reputation and the future of Australian wine are in the hands of producers like Mac.

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We first went to Austria in 1998, and returned thrilled by the variety, complexity and quality of the wines we came across there. The first pallet took an age to sell, but the word has gradually spread, and Austrian wines are no longer quite the tiny niche they represented then. Our original five suppliers have been joined by another seven, and we are proud of our position as the leading importer of Austrian wines in the UK. Quality is so impressively high throughout Austria, and the voracious appetite of the Austrians for their own wines unabated, and this puts pressure on supply and prices. There is much work still to be done in bringing these wines towards the mainstream, but we have come a long way in just over a decade.

We are proud to represent the following producers:

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We are delighted to add England to our portfolio with


We have never followed the flock in our search for interesting wines, and of course no other country is better represented on our market than France, and quite deservedly so. But I could not imagine life as a serious wine importer without the constant reminder of the vinous richness of France (I tried it once for three long years...) and all the reference points for other countries' wines are here. We are told France has struggled in recent years, and of course it can produce utter dross. It is certainly true that France has been slow to respond to the marketing challenge laid down by the new countries. But there are some wines of sensational quality everywhere in the country and because of the enormity of scale of France, there is a phenomenally rich and dynamic wine culture to discover.  

We are proud to represent the following producers:

From Champagne:

From Touraine:

From Côtes du Rhône:

From Languedoc-Roussillon:

From Burgundy:


We are proud to represent the following producers:


There is a definite increase in interest for the wines of Greece. After successfully introducing the delicious Argyros wines from Santorini on the UK market earlier this year, we are pleased to add some wines from the Peloponnese (Katogi-Strofilia) and are hopeful that more wineries will be soon added to our portfolio.


We are proud to represent the following producer:

New Zealand

We are proud to represent the following producers:


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I first visited Portugal aged 8 in 1969, and then frequently afterwards on family holidays. So it seems inevitable that as the passion for wine grew, the country I had come to know well would feature heavily. I have observed many, many changes in the Portuguese wine world over the past 25 years, and there have been frustrations aplenty. The word "potential" has hung round the neck of Portuguese wine for far too long. But as the market matures, young producers gain more confidence from looking outside their own country, and take proper notice of what it is realistic to expect to sell on the international market, the opportunities are inspiring. There is a phenomenal depth of variety: grapes, terroir, climate, tradition, modernity within such a small country. We have barely scratched the surface.

We are proud to represent the following producers:

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