Schloss Gobelsburg 20th Anniversary

September 16th, 2016 by isabelle

bottlesEarlier this year Michael Moosbrugger celebrated his two decades at Schloss Gobelsburg with a special symposium devoted to the history of wine. Eminent presenters from around the wine world gave a range of  fascinating seminars – with tastings – on a range of venerable wines, from Georgia to Madeira.

This week, the celebrations continued in London, with a special tasting and dinner at 67 Pall Mall . It’s now 17 years since Lance first made a tentative a first shipment of wines from Austria, and Michael’s wines were on that first mixed pallet.  We’ve come a long way together since then but Schloss Gobelsburg continues to be one of our best-selling producers, and we greatly value the relationship which we have built up over the years. Out of the extensive range, Michael chose for this occasion to concentrate on a vertical tasting of Riesling from Ried Heiligenstein. We tasted six pairs starting with 2015, which has just been released and which will be arriving in a few weeks, and went all the way back to 1973, which is a vintage made by the monks who previously manged the winery. This was a fascinating presentation. Michael paired the wines by vintage conditions, and talked us through his thoughts as a winemaker on the evolution of his approach and how he has arrived at his current style. We’ve not shipped this particular cuvee for a few years, but we will definitely be bringing over some 2015 on our next shipment, and we will also see what we can get by way of older stock.


And here are Lance and Michael raising a toast with a glass of Blandy’s Vintage Malmsey!

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