Portuguese Tasting 2015!

March 24th, 2015 by Alma Ledgerwood-Walker

It was that time of year again– the Wines of Portugal Annual Tasting – signalling for me that I had already spent one amazing and faced-paced year here at Clark Foyster Wines, and for the rest of my team, that the end of our busy season of tastings and producer visits was nearing and that Spring was on its way.

Covering pretty much the whole of Portugal, this year’s tasting brought together over 120 of the country’s winemakers. Since our beginnings as a company, we at CF Wines have joined in the fun, presenting our eclectic Portuguese range to the keen folks of London.

And each year always proves to be quite different from the last. This year was the first time that I had the pleasure of meeting the friendly Rui Miranda from Adega de Monçao, Vinho Verde’s impressive regional cooperative; and also the first time that we were introduced to the burly and charming Vasco Magalhães. Vasco had made the trip to London to help us represent Anselmo Mendes’ iconic Alvarinhos from Vinho Verde and also the elegant reds of Anselmo’s more recent project at Quinta dos Frades.

It’s always a pleasure to spend some time catching up with Filipa Pato, this time hearing stories of a new white soon to be uncovered: 100% Bical matured underground in her newfound favourite toy – clay amphorae. And we were honoured to have winemaker Carlos Lucas with us for part of the day too, he and fellow winemaker Lúcia Freitas doing a marvellous job at presenting their wines behind their Magnum Vinhos stand.

Lúcia Freitas, Magnum Vinhos, (second from the right) with the CF team.

Lúcia Freitas, Magnum Vinhos, (second from the right) with the CF team.

Dinner with a few customers and an animated gang of Portuguese winemakers at Covent Garden’s Ten Cases can only add up to a fun evening, especially as we can count on an impeccable welcome from Ian and Brendon… Thank you to you both!

The following day was spent with Lucia and Diogo Campilho, winemaker at Quinta da Lagoalva, trooping around London in the sunshine, in and out of fancy restaurants, groovy independent retailers and modern gastro pubs before they caught an evening flight back home. The Annual Portuguese Tasting, cropping up towards the end of such a busy time for us, is often a bit of a mad-dash I’m told by my colleagues with their years of experience, though always fun and convivial, and more often than not ending with a sweet sense of achievement 🙂 .

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